Why Champ Square?

Champ Square is leading the RESULTS TALLY since inception in Jharkhand.

Best Faculty

The team is formed by The team is formed by the best teachers and trainers for IITJEE. They have proved their worth in Ranchi by bringing extra ordinary results in JEE. The faculty members have pledged to bring stupendous results and are dedicated to help the students around the clock.


Comprehensive Study Material

The most important aspect of preparation for JEE is to have a very good and complete study material highlighting all the micro concepts of the topic. CHAMP SQUARE has developed an extra ordinary study material for its students containing all information; all pattern of questions with hints and solutions. Our study material is pattern proof i.e. students are benefited to prepare for IITJEE irrespective of any type of pattern.

champ square building

Best Infrastructure

We believe that one of the most important requirements for studies is the environment. CHAMP SQUARE classrooms are designed to provide cool and calm atmosphere for effective study. We are committed to provide stress free, noise free and serene environment to our students.

Personalized Coaching

We firmly believe that individual attention and personalized care is important for each student. We are committed to maintain a proper student-faculty ratio to enable proper study environment at CHAMP SQUARE. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of students even individually. This is very much possible in Champ Square as our seats are limited.

No. 1 Coaching Champ square

Total Success Initiative

Even though our teaching aims at JEE Advanced, we prepare students for all other examinations which can add impetus to success. Our students will perform well in KVPY, Olympiads, JEE Mains and Board Examinations. We are providing all necessary inputs to our students for their successful carrier.

Regular Tests Followed By Test Analysis Session

CHAMP SQUARE believes that regular potential judgment and proper analysis of present level of understanding as well as up gradation of performance is key to success. We are committed to organize regular tests and prepare the growth chart of each student by conducting efficient test analysis sessions.

Open Discussion Sessions

It is a common observation that faculty members of different coaching institutes try to avoid the doubts/problems given in the study packages / test series / phase tests of other institutes. The faculty members of CHAMP SQUARE are open to all questions being asked in any institute of the country.

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Parents Faculty Interaction

For the proper success of students, parents play a very pivotal role. We can imagine students, teachers, management, parents and environment are the vertices of golden pentagon. We believe that parents are the best motivator of students and hence their involvement in shaping of students' success is essential. Parents and teachers must have cordial relation and their interaction on regular basis is a boon to the students. We are going to organize PTM on regular basis.

Transparent Selection Process

Students are supposed to undergo Admission Test ChEAR (Champ Explore And Recognition). Our selection process is fair and transparent where students are selected on the basis of merit and performance in Admission Test. The students with extraordinary performance will be rewarded scholarship.