What are some tips of cracking JEE Mains?

What are some tips of cracking JEE Mains

JEE(Joint Entrance Examination) mains has been a significant exam for every engineering aspirant. This is the first examination where students come to asses themselves at a national level and compete neck to neck for securing the most prestigious college seats of India (IITs). The exam, as important as, this requires solid preparation to get the desired result. Your hard work and studies will be prominent factors in determining your success but they are the energy which needs the right direction to reach the target. That’s why you require IIT JEE Mains Coaching classes in Ranchi to guide your way through. For now look into the following tips to score better in your IITJEE mains exams.

Scan the exam pattern –

Look for what exam pattern is going on for the last 10 years. Review the question paper and shortlist the chapters which are targeted the most.  These can be the one from where most of this year questions can be asked too. Prepare them well in advance.

Schedule your time and act accordingly. –

Mains exam has so much to cover in that limited period. And scheduling whole of your syllabus can help you a lot in devoting the perfect time to all the chapters according to your capabilities and understanding of the chapters with ease. And don’t forget it’s not the syllabus and studies you have to focus on during your preparation but also your health too. Segregate your time in accordance with the remaining syllabus and other work in hand together. Be practical in your approach as other things like relaxing and spending time with family also plays an important role in keeping you motivated and focus better.

Don’t start reading every next book available in the market –

Today it’s easy to find multiple books for IIT JEE exam claiming themselves the best one available. But be careful while picking the book you decide to devote your valuable time on. Most of the books can be extractions or serve no extra value to help you get through the Mains exams. Check the reviews, consult your teacher and most importantly go through the index to check if the chapters you required to read are present or not.

Attempt previous year question papers –

It becomes easy to crack an examination if we knew what the examiner is looking for. Attempting previous year question papers not only gives you the idea of the level of difficulty you are about to face but also help you track down the expected questions and relate topics that can be the part of this year examination. It also builds the confidence to answer the questions better.

Value mock test too –

Mock tests are structured to guide and evaluate you in the way you are going to be judged in IIT JEE mains examination. They are capable of giving a very good idea of trending topics and expected answers. These are a few tips that can help you rank better in JEE mains exams. Follow them and look up to your teacher for guiding your way through. You can join Top Coaching for IIT JEE in Ranchi to make your journey smoother.

All the best for your exams!