How Should I Prepare For IIT JEE Exams To Score Above 250 Marks?

How Should I Prepare For IIT JEE Exams To Score Above 250 Marks

IIT JEE is a milestone to every science student’s career. And in a country like India where perusing higher education in engineering is considered prestigious, IIT JEE exam results get more attention so do Best Coaching for IIT JEE Ranchi. And with a cut through competition going on, scoring higher in exams become more essential. Students often wonder the best trick to score well in these exams. So, here we will discuss some tips and tricks by which you will be able to secure a good rank in JEE exams.

Learn to manage your time well.

Although it is said that IIT JEE exam do have the same syllabus as of 11th and 12th board exams but these exams actually dig a little deeper. If you seriously want to clear these exams start taking your time very seriously so that you able to complete the study of the complete syllabus.

Make yourself aware of the exam pattern and exam syllabus of IIT JEE

Give a thorough look at the syllabus, the pattern of examination of the previous year as well as expected changes in the pattern too. This will help you get equipped for better planning of your preparation.

Make a schedule for yourself and follow it regularly.

Now after knowing what you have to work on, make a roadmap and divide your study course into short targets leading to your ultimate goal. Schedule the syllabus in such a way that first chapter related to board exams get covered and then the rest. Devote more time to chapters you feel you want to work more but don’t take other chapters lightly. Make sure to practice them all thoroughly.

Focus on concepts and solving problems.

IIT JEE exams are conducted to check your hold on basic concepts to ensure you are capable enough to handle the upcoming problems thrown to you at IITs. Make sure to clear all your doubts in time. Hang out in a company to bright students who you can reach out in case teachers aren’t available to clear your doubts. But try to solve the problem all by yourself first before approaching others for a solution.

Take care of your health

In the heat of scoring well in the exam students often ignore their health and end up falling sick right before the examination. Many have committed this mistake by now, please don’t be add yourself to this regret.

Coaching vs Self Study

Make one thing very clear that even you take Coaching classes or not, you have to self-study. Coaching will help you clear your doubts more quickly and will get you in the circle of like-minded people who can help your way through. Better get best of both. You can check Best IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Ranchi for getting an idea what to look for.