Celebrating Success: Priyansh Pranjal Emerges as Jharkhand Topper with AIR 30 in JEE Main 2024

At Champ Square, Ranchi’s leading coaching institute for JEE aspirants, we’re overjoyed to announce the extraordinary achievement of our student, Priyansh Pranjal. Priyansh has clinched the title of Jharkhand Topper in the highly competitive JEE exams, securing an outstanding All India Rank (AIR) 30.

Priyansh’s stellar performance is a testament to his dedication, perseverance, and exceptional academic prowess. His NTA scores speak volumes about his mastery in Mathematics and Physics, both scoring a perfect 100, while his Chemistry score stands at a remarkable 99.9141471.

This remarkable accomplishment not only reflects Priyansh’s hard work and determination but also underscores the relentless efforts and expertise of our coaching faculty at Champ Square. Together, we’ve nurtured Priyansh’s potential, providing him with the guidance and support needed to excel in the rigorous JEE examinations.

Priyansh’s success story is an inspiration to countless aspirants, highlighting the transformative impact of focused preparation and unwavering commitment. As he continues to embark on his academic journey, we take immense pride in his achievements and remain dedicated to fostering excellence among our students.

Join us in celebrating Priyansh Pranjal’s remarkable feat and wishing him continued success in all his future endeavors.